Everything you need to know about Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads are one of the most effective ways to get people to sign up for your services  and connect with you on social media. But they can be tricky to use, so it’s important that you understand how they work and why they’re worth your time. In this article, we’ll answer all your questions about Facebook lead ads—from why they exist in the first place to how they’re different from other types of social media ads.

You know that people are spending time on Facebook, but they don’t want to be sold to while they’re there.

People are spending more time on Facebook than on any other social media platform. However, they are on Facebook to connect with friends and family, not to be sold to while they’re there. Yes, they’re happy to hear from you, see how your business is doing, and be updated on the services you offer, but they don’t want a sales pitch every time they check you out. Nobody likes a pushy salesman. Persistent? In a way, yes. Consistent? Also, yes. But pushy? They’re going to run away from you! Consumers want to know how what you’re selling can benefit them. They aren’t interested in simply purchasing, they want to make an investment. An investment that helps them ease their everyday life.

Can your product or service be worth their investment? And if yes, how can you prove it to them through your ads? Here’s where you get creative.

Lead ads allow you to target the right audience at the right time with relevant content, driving them back into your sales funnel or encouraging them to engage further with your business by signing up for a free trial or downloading something valuable like an Ebook or whitepaper (or both).

Lead ads, when used effectively, can help you warm up those cold leads with a lower cost-per-action than other ad types.

Facebook lead ads are a great way to warm up cold leads. They’re also less expensive than other ad types, and they can help you target a larger audience. They live right in Facebook’s newsfeed and mobile apps; when users click on your ad, the form opens right where they were—and it has auto-filled their information with data from their Facebook profile.

Lead ads are a great solution for generating leads over the long run. Due to the high cost per lead and low conversion rate, lead ads should be used in conjunction with other Facebook advertising campaigns. For example, you can use lead ads to build lists of your highest-quality prospects, then target them with retargeting campaigns which are cheaper and have a higher conversion rate.

For many businesses, lead ads are a great solution for generating quality leads over the long run, which is key to maximizing ROI in any campaign.

If you’re looking for a short-term solution, then lead ads may not be the best option for your business. While they can help you generate more leads than other types of Facebook advertising campaigns, they take time to optimize and get results from—and most small businesses don’t have this kind of time or resources available to them right now.

How Facebook Lead Ads Work

Similar to other forms of advertising, Facebook lead advertisements operate similarly. Go to Facebook’s Ads Manager to build your advertisements.

As you add your descriptions, graphics, videos, and other design components for a successful ad, you then decide on your budget. Additionally, you can target your ideal audience with your advertisement by mentioning certain interests or demographics.

Users can reply to your offer when your ads are displayed in their news feeds, which can help you generate more leads.

Lead ads are also ideal if you want targeted audiences that will convert into high-quality customers (i.e., people who will spend money with your company). They enable advertisers to target specific interests and demographics within their target audience, so if those interests align with what your business sells or offers, then it could be an effective way for you to reach them organically on social media channels like Facebook without having to spend any extra dollars on advertising costs like cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

While lead ads will generally have a high cost per lead, don’t give up on them! Use creative ways to segment your audience for more targeted reach and get the most out of your ad spend.

For example, you can use interest data from Facebook as your only targeting option while keeping your conversion objective set at “Website Conversions.” This will help drive more relevant traffic to your website and convert more leads.

While lead ads have a lower conversion rate than other types of Facebook ads and are more expensive per lead, they can be a great way to generate quality leads over time. We recommend using them in conjunction with other ad types like video or carousel ads. That said, if you’re running lead ads for just one or two campaigns and not seeing results, it might be better to explore other ad types or find creative ways to segment your audience for more targeted reach instead of relying solely on interest data from Facebook as your only targeting option.


In summary, lead ads are a great way to get in front of your potential customer base on Facebook. But remember that they should be used with care and caution—they’re not meant for every campaign, so make sure you know what kind of audience you want before diving in! Also, make sure your audience knows the benefits of clicking on an ad you show them. If the benefits are clear, they are more likely to click.

If you’re still unsure of how to get started with Facebook Lead Ads, reach out to us for expert guidance!

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