The Story

Nurturing Growth - Fairport Montessori Academy's Digital Blossoming with Social Know How

In the heart of Whitby, Ontario, Fariport Montessori Academy embarked on a digital journey led byDr. Nader Kabboul, the school’s visionary Principal. Understanding the importance of a robust online presence in today’s educational landscape, Dr. Kabboul sought to digitally showcase the academy’s unique child-focused educational philosophy. Partnering with Social Know How, the aim was to authentically connect with families searching for unparalleled childcare and education, there by planting the seeds for the academy’s digital growth.

The Goal

Elevating Digital Presence and Community Connection: The primary objective was to cultivate an engaging online environment that reflects the essence of Fairport Montessori Academy. The focus was on attracting families and educators to the academy by highlighting its commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering a love for learning

The Solution

Crafting a customized digital strategy that encapsulates the academy’s culture, ensuring the school’s online representation is as vibrant and inviting as its physical counterpart.Student Enrollment Campaigns via the Parents: TargetedFacebook and Instagram advertising campaigns were launched to communicate the academy’s values and invite prospective families living in Whitby+15 miles to fill in the website form requesting a private tour of the school.Teacher Recruitment Campaigns: Recognizing the cornerstone role of educators, campaigns aimed at attracting passionate and talented teachers surpassed lead expectations by over 50%, enriching the academy’s educational quality.Video Advertising: Utilizing the compelling nature of video content to narrate the academy’s story, further amplifying its presence and ethos to the broader community.Live Streamed Events: Bridging the distance between the school and families, events such as children’s concerts were live-streamed, fostering community engagement and offering families cherished memories.

The Result

The collaboration between Fairport Montessori Academy and Social Know How reaped significant rewards, creating a flourishing digital ecosystem. The academy not only saw its student enrollment numbers soar beyond projections but also welcomed a diverse and talented group of educators, enhancing its educational aptitude. Through innovative initiatives like live-streamed events and strategic video advertising, the academy strengthened its ties with the community it serves, underlining its dedication to excellence and innovation in early childhood education. This digital blossoming has firmly positioned Fairport Montessori Academy as a beacon of quality education inWhitby, nurturing the growth of its students and the community at large

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