Driving Brand Awareness and Lead Generation for GlobalVu

The Story


GlobalVu, seeking to amplify its brand presence and engagement on social media, partnered with Social Know How, a seasoned marketing agency. This collaboration was sparked by the need for a robust and strategic social media presence aimed at resonating with and engaging the local audience. Social Know How’s mandate was clear: to craft and execute a comprehensive social media strategy that would elevate GlobalVu’s brand visibility, engage potential customers, and foster community interaction on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The Goal

The primary objective was to enhance GlobalVu’s brand awareness, generate high-quality leads, and drive traffic to their website through targeted social media campaigns. To achieve this, the team aimed to produce engaging lifestyle creatives that resonated with the local audience, alongside training the sales representatives to effectively interact with the community online. A significant focus was also placed on leveraging paid advertising to reach and engage the right audience segments strategically.

The Solution

The Plan: A strategy needed to be built

Social Know How embarked on executing the strategy with precision and efficiency. The team produced 5-10 lifestyle creatives each month tailored for Facebook and Instagram, ensuring the content struck a chord with the target audience. Sales representatives atGlobalVu were equipped with the necessary skills to engage with the online community, thus enhancing the brand’s credibility and visibility. Paid advertising campaigns were meticulously planned and monitored, with daily optimizations to ensure the best possible return on investment (ROI). The team’s efforts were guided by a commitment to adhere to platform guidelines and a close collaboration with GlobalVu’s sales team, enabling the gathering of valuable customer insights

The Results

The collaboration between GlobalVu and Social Know How yielded impressive outcomes. The campaigns collectively generated over 900 high-quality leads, marking a significant increase in lead generation compared to the previous year. Moreover, the cost per lead saw a substantial reduction of 18% year-over-year across all campaigns.These achievements underscore the effectiveness of the strategic approach taken bySocial Know How, highlighting the impact of well-crafted and efficiently executed social media marketing strategies on achieving tangible business results for GlobalVu.


high-quality leads

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Cost reduced year-over-year across all campaigns

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