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Connect. Market. Sell. Socially.

Who we are

We are a team of digital marketing experts specializing in digital advertising, creative design, video production and more.

What we do

We work with companies that range from 20-100+ employees that want to enhance and develop their digital presence by providing fully optimized digital solutions, for their respective industries.


Social Poem

What’s YOUR Social Poem?

Social Poem, is our proven 4 Step formula for social media marketing success built by Social Know How®, a leading social media marketing agency in Vaughan, Ontario.

It’s the way that we at Social Know How work with your company to effectively, plan, optimize, execute, and manage your social media marketing efforts.


• Assess your social media & online presence to get a good understanding of where your social media advertising strategy stands

• Develop a social media marketing strategy and plan that will give your business the exposure it needs to succeed.


• Set up and optimize your social media networks to stand out on all of your social media channels.

• Create a consistent brand message that is similar through out all of your marketing channels to gain trust from your audience.


• Grow your social media community and brand
• Create custom content - Social media customized videos, Photos & images
• Post content across your social networks
• Provide live on-site social media sharing for company events
• Create & Launch Facebook & Instagram marketing campaigns


• Manage and monitor your Facebook & Instagram marketing campaigns
• Monitor your Social Media Community
• Provide Social Media training & consulting
• Deliver customized reporting & analytics
• Provide Continuous Communication, ideas & Digital Solutions

Our Story

Social Know How

At Social Know How, we’ve embraced the ever-evolving digital landscape, continually enhancing our services and offerings to meet the dynamic needs of today’s online world. With a keen eye on emerging trends and technologies, we’ve evolved alongside the digital sphere, ensuring that our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Specializing in digital advertising and transforming businesses on digital platforms, our journey has led us to expand our horizons and establish a cutting-edge creative studio. Here, we harness the power of creativity and innovation to craft compelling short-form video content that resonates with audiences across platforms. By fully optimizing this content, we empower our clients to maximize their digital presence and connect with broader audiences like never before.

From digital advertising to creative design and video production, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that drive success in the digital realm. Join us as we continue to push boundaries, shape the future of digital marketing, and help our clients thrive in an ever-changing online landscape.


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