The Story

Tom's Dairy Freeze

Since its inception in 1969, Tom’s Dairy Freeze has been a beloved institution, famed for its authentic soft-serve ice cream, classic sundaes, milkshakes, and banana splits. Despite its long-standing reputation, there was a need to modernize and amplify its presence in the digital age, especially on social media platforms.

The Goal

Amplifying Online Presence and Customer Engagement: The objective was clear – to enhance Tom’s Dairy Freeze’s digital footprint and engage a broader audience. This involved not only increasing the brand’s visibility on social media but also introducing convenient online services to meet the modern consumer’s expectations.

The Solution

Strategic Social Media Marketing and Online Services:

Engaging Content on Instagram: Social Know How crafted visually appealing and brand-resonant content for Tom’s Dairy Freeze’s Instagram, significantly boosting followers and engagement.

Online Pick-up Service: To adapt to the convenience demanded by today’s fast-paced lifestyle, an innovative online pick-up service was launched, allowing customers to order their favorites with ease.

Paid Advertising Campaigns: Timed with seasonal openings, strategic paid advertising campaigns were executed to maximize visibility and impact, closely monitored and optimized for the best outcomes.

The Result
The partnership between Tom's Dairy Freeze and Social Know How yielded remarkable results:

Enhanced Digital Presence: The introduction of an online pick-up service marked the brand as digitally progressive, refining customer experience and aligning with digital evolution.

Increased Social Media Engagement: A significant rise in Tom’s Dairy Freeze’s Instagram followers to 18.4k showcased the impact of tailored social media strategies.

Metrics: Achieved an average cost per link click of $0.48 and a 20% average monthly increase in Instagram followers, illustrating the cost-effectiveness and success of the campaigns in enhancing brand visibility, engagement, and customer experience.

Achieved an average cost per link click
$ 0
average monthly increase in Instagram followers
0 %

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