The Benefits of Facebook Ads

The Benefits of Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most popular websites on the internet being the second most-visited behind Google. With over a billion monthly active users, the potential for advertising exposure is tremendous, allowing businesses to get in front of their target audience on a regular basis. The company in fact, recently revealed that 2 million small to medium businesses advertise on their platform, proving that there are benefits to placing ads on Facebook.

Here are some of the benefits of Facebook Ads:

  1. The ability to target advertising. Facebook allows advertisers to target their audience based on criteria such as age, gender, location and personal interests. It will even comb through user profiles for ad placements only on pages that make reference to specific keywords. This is also extremely useful for video ads. Knowing the specific likes of your target audience improves video reach and views.


Through the creation of Facebook fan pages, businesses can interact directly with their customers allowing them to place emphasis on brand imaging and increasing customer loyalty.


Facebook ads offer more flexibility than Google AdWords by allowing additional character length for ad descriptions as well as the ability to create image-based ads. This flexibility is further extended by giving advertisers creative control, allowing for new creative to be implemented on a regular basis. The ability to go to market with new images frequently means being able to avoid ad fatigue.


The ability to reach your mobile audience. Millions of daily users across the world, access Facebook via their smartphone. Simply put this means advertisers are able to reach their audience right in the palm of their hands. This reach extends far beyond people on their computers since mobile usage has surpassed desktop usage. The opportunity for advertising now exists for people out in the world.


Facebook insights allow businesses to understand how their customers are engaging with not only their page but their ads as well. Insight metrics such as page performance, engagement, audience demographics, impressions and reach facilitate strategizing for ad campaigns and ad spends.


Facebook fan pages can be used as a platform to promote new products or launch new ad campaigns. The ability to provide these updates allows for businesses to keep their customers informed on products and services being offered.


Facebook users visit the site both to consume information and to create it making them a highly engaged audience. Ads being targeted to engaged users improve their visibility resulting in higher customer retention rates.


Users of the website tend to frequent it on multiple occasions throughout the day which means an opportunity for multiple ad views. An ad that is seen multiple times stands a better chance of being noticed or having a positive effect.

 Facebook offers different ad types based on different pay structures. Advertisers have the ability to choose between purchasing ad space on a click-based on impression-based fee structure. What this does is allow for campaigns to be tailored based on budget and preferences. Advertising on Facebook can be relatively inexpensive allowing an online ad campaign to reach its target market in an affordable manner.

 Facebook advertising is a platform that allows businesses to increase their brand awareness and sales through enhance targeting different platforms, while having creative flexibility.

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