What Should You Post On Your Facebook Business Page


In our previous post, we walked you through 5 steps to setting up your Facebook Business Page. You learned how to create a Facebook Business Page to maximize your social media marketing

Now that you have your Facebook Business Page up and running, it’s time to do some work posting content to the page. Remember your Facebook Business Page is not a static page. It’s important to consistently create posts for your Page. It should be updated with content on a regular basis. 

In this post, we will cover what you should be posting on your Facebook Business Page. 

It’s important to have a good amount of content published before you invite users to be part of your growing community. No one is interested in following a blank page. 

Try to use a variety of content like images, video, GIFs, memes, shared customer contents, etc. 


If you are lost as to what you should post, a brainstorming session should get your ideas flowing. Some of the things you should consider: 

What are the images that you think your audience would like to see?

What stats would they like to read?

What links would they like to click?

These questions should give you a good starting point. 

Pinning Posts 

If you have created an impressive post or you have a post that is particularly important, you can pin it to the top of your feed by clicking the little gray arrow in the top right corner of the post and tapping Pin to Top to move it to the top for seven days. 

The pinning feature is great for product announcements, business anniversaries, and other major events relevant to your brand. 

Once you have enough content for your Page (minimum of three posts), you can start to invite users to Like it. 

A good strategy should get you going. You can follow these three steps. 

  1. Invite colleagues to Like your page and its content to build some initial activity 
  2. Invite supporters in your network. Encourage them to engage with your page. 
  3. Invite customers. With some activity now on the Page, they’ll be more interested. 

You can promote your Page by sharing your Facebook Page on your other social networks and including a link to your Page on your website and your email signatures. 

How to Measure Your Facebook Business Page

It’s important to be in tune with the kind of content your audience prefers and likes to engage with. 

So, how do you measure your Business Page activity and growth?

On the left-hand menu, click on Insight. This is where you can monitor how people are engaging with your Page content. Once you have this info, you can focus on sharing in the future and what content is just not working.

Insights will show you: 

  • Overview: This tab shows a seven-day snapshot of your metrics like Page Likes, post reach, and overall engagement. 
  • Followers: In this tab you can see your followers and how that number has changed over time. 
  • Likes: This tab shows you overall fan growth and losses. If you’re employing paid efforts, you’ll be able to see the breakdown of paid versus organic growth. 
  • Reach: This tab highlights the raw number of people your Page is reaching daily. You can keep track of what posts are reaching and at what time. 
  • Visits: This tab indicates where on Facebook your visitors are coming from. 

There are other tabs like Posts, Events, and Stories that will show you the activity for this specific content. 

One of the newest features of Insights is the “Pages to Watch” section at the bottom of the “overview” page. Here you can add other Pages that you want to monitor – a great way to keep an eye on the competition. Once a Page has been added to your watch list, you can click on the name of the Page from your Insights dashboard, and you’ll see an overview of their best posts from the week. 

Things to Avoid doing on your Business Facebook Page

1. Don’t create a personal profile for your business. You will miss out on all the content creation tools, paid promotional opportunities, and analytics/insights that come with a Facebook Business Page.  Avoid creating an additional public, professional profile associated with your business. This goes against Facebook’s terms of service

2. Avoid publishing mishaps, assign Facebook Business Page Roles only to the employees who absolutely need it for the work they do each day. Make sure to provide adequate training. The last thing you want is someone accidentally publishing personal content to their employer’s social media channels. Important: When sharing content on behalf of the business page, it is important to make sure the post is being done as the business and not an individual. You can check by clicking “Page Attribution.”

Now over to you! Have you started your Facebook Business Page? What have you learned along the way? Is there a facet of your Business Page that you would like to know more about? Do you need help scheduling and analyzing your Facebook marketing? 

Social Know How can help you drive more Facebook traffic and engagement without compromising your time. 

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