Top 10 Problems When Managing Your Own Facebook Ads

If you are just starting a social media advertising strategy, or if you are not well versed in it, it can be tempting to create and post your own ads. However, the truth is that Facebook advertisements require a level of expertise that not all businesses understand.

Many of the companies we see trying to run Facebook ads are failing to achieve the results they were able to anticipate. They run into problems when trying to manage their own campaigns. Following are the top 10 problems we here at Social Know How come across from companies that try to own their own Facebook ads.

1. Not creating or identifying the right audiences 

One of the more important aspects of a successful Facebook marketing strategy to attract customers that fit your business profile might be to make sure your ad is in front of people who fit the profile. You might do this by targeting the Facebook advertising page to the demographic of the people in the area who fit your target profile. Also, you might ensure that the ad is appealing to these people.

The best businesses don’t just “accidentally” target the wrong customers. They don’t just use a Facebook ad on the general public. Instead, they know exactly who the people are that their ad is going to reach and they put parameters around how their ad is displayed. The result is more traffic in new customers because they aren’t just finding their ads in places they don’t need them, but they are actually showing them to the specific customers they are looking for.

2. Tracking conversions or click-through rates

It’s very important to get feedback from Facebook ads, especially in real-time. If you do not give Facebook feedback of any kind on your ads, you have no idea how effective they’re reaching your customers through the ads that you’re offering. This leads to business problems because you are unable to track down your best customers in response to ads.

Our team can tell you exactly how powerful your campaign is, whether your ads are working, and more; this information empowers you to make more confident decisions. With this information, you can better strategize your campaigns.  

3. Forgetting a Website Link

If business owners want their potential customers to find their website, they need to include a link in their ads. If a customer clicks on this link and accesses the website, they are much more likely to do business with the business owner. If the link isn’t working, the customer won’t know how to find the business’s website.

Social Know How includes an extremely unique and useful link in every ad. You can learn more about the services we provide, and we’ll continue to improve our services and convert more traffic to clients. 

4. Performing A/B testing

As Facebook ads can be more effective than Google ads in certain cases, companies have the potential to take full advantage of their Facebook marketing abilities. However, due to the lack of effective advertising techniques, they can lose out on business by not properly testing Facebook advertising.

Advertisers have had a hard time tracking how effective their ads are. The reason is they have to run several ads at a time and compare their responses to decide which version is the most effective. We can help you to avoid this problem by running multiple copies of your ad at one time. We then test and measure the response of the different ads and which the is the best. 

5. Failing to Use Compelling Images

The use of images is important to the success of your Facebook ad. Images are needed to grab users’ attention, which will maximize your return on investment. Advertisements should use unique, vibrant images that look good.

Our team at Social Know How, helps you select the best possible advertisements of the day when you need help getting your ad seen. We know that your ad needs to be something that interests your audience, and we can help you choose from the most compelling images available. 

6. The Boost Button is a Powerful Tool

Targeting and tracking Facebook ads is an important way to make sure you are reaching the right group of people and that your ad is in line with your goals. Unfortunately, many small businesses that manage their own ads don’t spend the time necessary to target and track their campaigns. By using the Boost button, they may reach more people but miss the right audience. Use a different word order than in the original text, and don’t try to fit too much information in one sentence

Social Know How uses proven methods to obtain the number of people who will be interested in your product and business, and they use those targeted people to determine effective advertising methods, techniques, and strategies. 

7. Not Dedicating Enough Time

As with any marketing effort, Facebook advertising takes time. You cannot simply create and post an ad. You need to do research to identify your target audience. You need to conduct A/B testing to select the most effective ads. You need to track the response to your ads.

Many companies fail to dedicate the time necessary to complete all of these steps. As a result, they target the wrong audience, run ineffective ads, or fail to track the response to their campaigns.

Our team can help you run a more effective campaign by giving it the time it deserves. You are freed up to run your business while enjoying a more successful and efficient Facebook ad campaign. The result is a better business and more profit.

8. Failure to understand Facebook’s Rules

Facebook has rules that will tell you how a campaign you do on its advertising platform is successful. You can be sure if you are following those rules or not will be a key determinant in whether your campaign will get Facebook’s approval or not. And, if your campaign is rejected, it will be a key factor in whether or not it does well in the market you are targeting.

Social Know How allows clients to be completely sure that all of their advertising will be accepted and shown to their desired audience. When we conduct our thorough review of your advertising, we make sure that your clients are compliant with Facebook’s advertising guidelines, thus resulting in a positive conversion rate. 

9. Leave the proper link, or do you want the browser to search for it?

Facebook ads now allow you to link to your website, but don’t leave hyperlinks in your ad text – that way your readers don’t have to click through and are more likely to view your web links. SKH makes this easy. With us, you can be sure we only submit ad texts that will work.

10. Making advertisements that are overly busy.

Many businesses try to make advertising with a lot of content attractive to their Facebook users. However, images and messages compete with each other and confuse their audience, making them less likely to click on an ad. Unless your audience can learn what you have to offer at a glance, they are likely to skip over your ad to another less busy one.

Social Know How helps you create images for your social media ads, but you still need to do all the convincing.


To maximize your Facebook ad successes, contact Social Know How. We can give you tips on avoiding mistakes such as those listed above. You can then be more successful in your Facebook ad campaign by reaching your target audiences with powerful and engaging messages. 

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