Social Know How: A Facebook Marketing Agency Partner and Your Partner in Success

 As we move in to the new year, we are happy to be celebrating 1.5 years as a Facebook Marketing Agency Partner, and, as such, Social Know How is your partner in social media marketing success.

The Facebook Marketing Expert program is available to select advertisers by invitation only, which means that Social Know How can offer exclusive, one-on-one personalized campaign advice. Our partnership with Facebook gives businesses a competitive advantage when it comes to social media marketing.

As a Facebook partner, Social Know How offers marketing consultations and expert reviews of past and current Facebook campaigns, while taking into account business objectives to provide tailored recommendations. Consultations are conducted by phone and the calls are scheduled at the convenience of the business. Being part of the Facebook Marketing Agency program offers businesses benefits such as multi-product solutions to help grow your business; product launches and updates to keep you abreast of the latest Facebook advertising solutions; and optimization to maximize your return on Facebook Ads.

Being a Facebook marketing agency partner means that Social Know How is a leader in advertising technology, community management, and content curation. We help build new and innovative solutions to challenges faced by businesses while ensuring those solutions are designed to meet specific goals and objectives.

Social Know How is proud to be among the qualified experts in this selective Facebook program that help businesses achieve their marketing goals through effective social media marketing and management. A unique learning and growth opportunity for Facebook advertisers; a partnership with Social Know How will optimize and maximize campaigns. Let our social media experts be your guides to success!

Contact Social Know How today for your complimentary Social Media Assessment.

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