Is Social Media Marketing a good way to advertise?

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Is Social Media Marketing a good way to advertise?

Short answer is: 


Social media has the ability to establish multiple touchpoints into the customer’s journey, think about that time you searched for a specific product, you were then reminded of that brand or product throughout your online interactions.  These touchpoints from the first time someone hears the name of the brand to the point where they become repeat buyers, referrers and eventually, fans is what makes Social Media a great tool for advertising. 

The inherent value in social media marketing is the consistent repeating of these positive micro-interactions at scale. In 2020 alone, over 3.6 million people were using social media worldwide, a number that is projected to increase to almost 4.41 in 2025 

Social media advertising is quickly becoming the new standard and it’s difficult not to see why. 

But, social media marketing isn’t just about creating a few posts and waiting for the likes. You must have a strategy for your marketing and most importantly you must set up the goals you want to attain. 

Why are goals important? 

Goals are part of every aspect of life and business. SMART goals specifically, provide a sense of direction, motivation, focus, and clarify importance. 

Having goals for your social media marketing efforts makes sense in order to set budgets and resources for your campaigns. 

What are some goals to keep in mind for your social media marketing?

Here are some fundamental goals to help you! 


Naturally, your goal is to reach a flock of new people on social media.  

You want to increase your online presence and to get people talking about your brand or content. Working on mentions, followings, and share count can help you. 


You want to use social media to plant the seeds of interest and encourage potential customers to enter your sales funnel. These are those touchpoints.  Create those touchpoints and entice those customers.  One way to do this is to gather email subscribers from social media by posting your best content as ads. 


Social media marketing allows you to use audience insights to advertise relevant products to the right people. Your goal is to use these insights to your advantage to reach your target audience. 


Your goal is to get people to interact, this is through likes, comments, and shares.  As a result of this interaction, customer loyalty increases. What’s even more, people develop an affection for your brand. You should aim at posting new content at least a few times a day to keep your feed fresh—and to keep followers engaged with your brand.


People are no longer shy about reaching out to brands on social media for assistance or to express their complaints. So, your goal can be to stay on top of those communications in order to keep customers happy. 


Boost engagement even further by building a dedicated community around your brand.  You might focus on creating an active Facebook group or use a branded hashtag to encourage regular conversations about your brand or products. This sense of community can set you up for a great fan base and referrers. This is also a place to be actively answering questions. 

What do I do once I have my Social Media Marketing Goals? 

Well, now it’s time to find the right agency that works for you. 

At Social Know How, we are proudly creating partnerships with our clients. Our clients share their goals with us and together we create milestones to reach. 

Looking for innovative ways to reach your Social Media Marketing Goals? We’re here to help. 

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