Instagram Advertising Facts To Know For 2022

Did you know that about two million advertisers are taking advantage of social media advertising on Instagram? 

What does this mean? The higher audience’s reach, the more chances for conversion. 

As it stands now, Instagram is the sixth most visited website. Users spend at least 30 minutes browsing on Instagram alone. The activities vary from communicating with friends, and while others (90%) say that they discover products and services just by watching ads alone. 

Why should you advertise on Instagram? 

Instagram is popular with the millennials. Millennials are consumers poised to reshape the economy. Many Generation Z and Gen Xers also use the platform. 

Instagram is the third most used Social Media in Canada, with 54.40% of Canadians using it. 

Around the globe, top countries using Instagram: 

  • As of 2020, there were an estimated 112 million monthly active Instagram users in the United States. 
  • India – 120 million active users
  • Brazil – 95 million active users
  • Indonesia – 78 million active users 
  • Russia – 54 million active users 

Another reason you should consider social media advertising on Instagram is that it has a variety of trending topics that make almost any industry blend in 13 markets seamlessly. 

A survey by Facebook found that 11 000 young adults (13 to 24) across 13 markets found out that the most popular topics on Instagram are: Food, Beauty, TV or Films, Fashion, Music, and Leisure Activities. 

Social Media advertising on Instagram will only continue to become more important in 2022. Furthermore, Instagram also said that 50 % of Instagram users are more interested in a brand after seeing their ad on the platform. 

Now that we have seen the importance of Instagram advertising let’s look at three different types of Instagram Social Media Advertisements. 

3 Types of Instagram Social Media Advertisements 


1. Instagram Photo Ads

Is this picture Instagram Worthy? Have you heard this before?

The fact is that Instagram is a highly visual platform, and to get the attention of your target audience, you need high-quality images supported by a strong brand message. Your ad will successfully convert leads into customers when you have top-quality content that meets these needs. 

Focus on Hashtags, eye-catching visuals, and your brand’s voice. Note that it takes time to succeed on Instagram organically, but the results are worth your time and effort. 

2. Instagram IGTV Ads

IGTV is an exclusive feature for sharing long-form videos on Instagram. The average time limit for feed videos is 60 seconds. But with IGTV social media advertisements, you wouldn’t have to be pressured to create an ad that is only a minute long. IGTV allows users to upload a video 60 minutes long when using a verified account or ten minutes long if you’re using your mobile to tell your brand’s story. 

Here are a few ideas you can use for advertising on IGTV. 

  • Create a video series
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Behind the scene footage 
  • Interviews with celebrities, influencers, or business owners
  • Live stream a trending event. 
3. Instagram Story Ads

The great thing about Instagram Stories ads is that they are incredibly versatile. Social media advertising looks similar to regular Instagram stories amongst the people you follow. Their ability to blend in organically makes Instagram users generally more open to advertising than other platforms. 

Users can use photos or videos up to 120 seconds long to tell their stories on Instagram. Just make sure that you follow the suggested sizes to produce industry-quality content:

Image ads
  • Recommended resolution: 1080 X 1920 pixels
  • Maintain a resolution not less than 600 X 1067 pixels
  • The aspect ratio should be 9:16
  • Always use either JPG or PNG format
  • The maximum size is 30MB
Video Ads
  • Recommended resolution: 1080 X 1920 pixels
  • Maintain a resolution not less than 720p
  • The aspect ratio should be 9:16
  • Use either MP4 or MOV format
  • The maximum size is 4GB

Social Media Advertising is an effective online method of reaching and connecting with people directly through sites like Instagram. With a customized Ad, your business and brand will be shown within the Facebook and Instagram news feeds of those most interested in your product or service. This is one of the most cost-effective and powerful ways to generate new opportunities and be seen.

Don’t have time to manage your social media? At Social Know How,  we understand your buyer’s habits and personalities. Reach out to one of our Social Media experts today on how your company can: improve its Social Media presence, improve its online flow and improve how your brand connects with customers on social media sites like Instagram.

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