A Few Social Media “How Not-To’s”

So many blogs are published to give you ideas on what you should do regarding any particular topic.  In my case, I do my best to give you all information on how you can best utilize social media best practices to give your business a boost where your potential clients are spending a majority of their free time. So with all of the “How-To’s” out there, I thought it may be a good idea to give you a few “How Not To’s” for the first blog post of this week.  I was inspired to write this when asked recently by a friend of mine what he and his staff shouldn’t do on social media.  So, without further ado, here’s a few tips on that not to do to ensure social media success.


This would seem like a no-brainer but there are plenty of examples in the past of brands and individuals who have taken to social media and used their platform in a way that offended potential customers and did considerable damage to their brands.  While social media is a place for people to share ideas, stating a bias in a hot topic issue can tarnish your brand’s image, rightly or wrongly, in the eyes of those on the other side of the debate.


Again, this should be self-explanatory.  There are very few instances where a professional, or even a company, can engage in this type of content sharing and come out no worse for wear. Racial slurs, expletives and any form of gesture that can be construed as offensive is a social media no-no that, unfortunately, have been shared in the past.


Ok, so now we’re venturing into territory that may not be as obvious.  In terms of social media for business purposes, if your brand is on multiple platforms, your look and messaging should be consistent throughout.  Your delivery can be different, no question.  You want to create some differentiation as the platforms do doffer. However, where your logo is placed, how your sales are promoted, and even the tone in which you speak with your audience, you must treat all of your platforms as a singular form of customer service and information sharing. 

So there are 3 tips.  2 of those, very obvious.  But, given the conversations I’ve had lately, it seems as if these types of reminders and warnings are needed more often than I thought.  Should your business need a more thorough examination and receive a more in depth view of what your social media should look like within your industry, feel free to fill out this form for your FREE consultation.

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