7 Tricks That Will Help You Get More People to Join Your Facebook Group

In a previous post, we covered why you should create a Facebook Group for your business. 

Now that you have created a Facebook Group make sure that you share it with the people you want to invite. As a business, you need to recognize that there are multiple touchpoints you can tap into to inform users about your Facebook Community.

7 Tricks That Will Help You Get More People to Join Your  Facebook Group 
1. Redirect Everyone to your Facebook Group 

You can redirect people to your group rather than sending people to your page whenever you put up the Facebook logo, whether on posters, your website’s landing page, cards, packaging, emails, etc. The link can take them to your Facebook Group. Add your group’s link on your social channels, like your Instagram bio. 

2. Email Blast 

Send out emails to your existing users, followers, and subscribers and tell them about the benefit of joining your Facebook community. In addition, you can also add links to your Facebook group to monthly newsletters, blogs, emails, etc. 

3. Link Your Facebook Page To Your Group 

Make sure to link your Facebook Group to your Business Page. Doing so enables a button to pop up on the top, left side of your page that says ‘visit group.’ You can now creatively use arrows on your cover photo or video to get people to click on that button. 

4. Use Your Social Media to Promote your Facebook Community 

Channels like Instagram and Twitter can significantly promote your Facebook Community. If you have a YouTube channel, ensure that you regularly talk about your Facebook Community and how it can add value to their lives. Don’t forget to add your group’s link in the cards and description. 

5. Promote Your Group On Other Facebook Groups

Collaborate with other groups by reaching out to their admin and creating content for your audiences together. Speak to an admin and propose ideas to help their group about what you can offer. Present ideas to help their group. Create content together by going live, conducting interviews, writing a blog, or creating a guide or cheat sheet for their audience. Keep in mind that when the admin introduces you to his group members as an expert, he vouches for you and your brand. 

6. Leverage Existing Members to Grow Your Facebook Community 

Your group members can be the best partners. Members who regularly participate in the group and are invested in making the Facebook community wholesome. These members can help you reach out to many more like-minded people in their circle. You can ask your group members to invite their friends or talk about your group to interested peers. You can also fashion a contest around getting new joiners where the winner is the member who got the most sign-ups. 

7. Tease Exclusive Content On Your Facebook Page 

Post regular call-outs on your Facebook page to encourage people to join the group for exclusive content. You can let your audience know 3 valuable reasons to join your Facebook community or tease exclusive content that you know is something that they need. 

Facebook Groups – A Funnel for your Business

Did you know that your Facebook Group can become a self-sustained lead-generating machine? 

Let’s look at it as a sales funnel. 

A Facebook group’s sales funnel strategy is sliced into three main sections, and each section or group serves a different audience.

A top-of-funnel group to catch a broad audience that is interested in the genre or topic that your business is based around.  

An example of this is a sports company that can have a hiking group or a running group where everyone who is interested in the activity can join it. The audience in this group may be regularly committed to hiking or running. These may be people who do it as a hobby or even people who aspire to hike or run someday. 

The content in this group will be very generic and will appeal to everyone in the community. Pictures of scenic mountains, quotes, and experiences of fellow trekkers are the kind of posts that will work best on this group.

As a marketer, you need to plant a few content seeds when you start the group and let the members take over from there. This is not the group you need to worry about or spend a lot of time and effort. 

You’ll find people who are more committed and serious about trekking from your broader audience and most certainly have goals to reach a particular summit. These are the ones that will trickle down and join your middle-of-the-funnel group.

The middle funnel group are people who are engaged and invested in your business but are yet to make a purchase. These are warm leads and people who need a little push to purchase.

The content for the middle of the funnel group will be more exclusive and specific to the hikers and runners and their goals. This group will also have more value-adding content to ensure that you’re building a relationship with your audience. 

As a marketer, you should be most concerned about this group. These are people who share your interest and are most likely to convert. You will have to specifically keep in mind to focus your content on what will help people in the group achieve their goals. Fitness routines, hacks and cheat sheets, and complete details about different hike routes will interest these users more.

The bottom of the funnel is reserved for an audience interested in your business by purchasing. These users have seen the value and taken your product or service up for it.

This group’s content must be super exclusive and highly beneficial for those who have opted to be in the group. Also, this group can have more content specific to using your product or service. 

An example of this can be a sports business that manufactures hiking gear, and you could post content about how to use it and maintain it. It’s essential to make this content user-centric rather than an advertisement. 

You will have to pay attention to this group to get insights into your product and how customers react. 

The engagement in this group can help get you answers to crucial questions like – how 

can we upgrade a particular product? Can we fill a need gap to make the customer’s experience better? How often does a customer repurchase your product? What are some of the pain points you can resolve for your customers? Valuable information for any business. A Facebook group makes a safe space for you to have or be a part of these conversations. 

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