5 Things You Need To Know About Instagram Advertising

5 Things You Need To Know About Instagram Advertising

Ever thought about advertising your brand on Instagram? Just like on Facebook, you can create captivating ads with effective call-to actions that will bring the user to a desired webpage, such as your company’s website for traffic. Depending on your business objectives, the Social Know How team will consult with your company and recommend the appropriate destination for users to land on.If you’re looking to advertise your brand on Instagram, here are five things you will need to know:

1. The Mobile Way

Instagram was meant to be a mobile app first and foremost, and while it’s accessible through your desktop, your ads can only be viewed by users who are utilizing the app on their mobile phones and tablets.

2. Mobile Feed Ads vs. Story Ads

While scrolling through Instagram, you may come across a few “sponsored” posts. You may not even follow the advertiser; however, you may fit within their demographic or their desired target market. As a result, Instagram will deliver ads from brands that may offer products and/or services you may be interested in, based on your likes, interests, and your location.

And then there are story ads. Ads can run in stories, because many users tend to gravitate checking here first when opening Instagram. Users and brands can create photos or short videos that appear in your feed for up to 24 hours and will disappear once users view it. If you want to get your name out there or get some more traction to your website, the quick, instantly-gratifying, Snapchat-mimicking feature is a fantastic placement for your ad.

3. Photo, video or combo?

Instagram ads appear on your feed and in your stories just like any other regular content would, and can contain a photo, video or a combination of both utilizing the carousel feature to create a swipe-like post (which, by the way, is a great way to engage with new followers).

4. How long are your videos? They may be too long

Should you choose to use a video as part of your Instagram ad, be mindful of the length. Instagram ads have strict time limitations – under 60 seconds for regular mobile feed ads and under 15 seconds for story ads. At Social Know How, our team will perfectly create or ensure videos meet this requirement.

5. Exceed your R.O.I. expectations

Since Instagram has an impressive 800 million daily users, the app sees the most engagement for content and ads compared to any other social media network.

The proof is in the pudding – Instagram users are 58 times more inclined to connect with a brand in comparison to Facebook, while 120 times more inclined to do so than those who advertise on Twitter. Users who land on a webpage from an Instagram ad also stay there longer – 192 seconds to be exact.

While the saying goes that you need to “pay to play,” it’s also beneficial to see all the potential an effective Instagram ad can bring to your business.

Looking to get started with Instagram advertising? Social Know How specializes in all forms of Instagram and Facebook ads. To learn more, please visit our website at http://dev.socialknowhow.com/services/campaigns/ or call us at 416.930.6581.

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