3 tips to deliver a great customer experience using Facebook Messenger

Have you ever felt too busy that you don’t even have time to talk to your clients, supporters and all stakeholders on your Facebook Page through the Messenger?


We know that, for some Business pages, the volume of incoming messages may be overwhelming and may contain the same questions and topics.


Did you know there is a way to manage your inbox and make your life so much easier [and your business healthier]?


Check out three tips to manage your Facebook Messenger and deliver a great experience to your customer/ followers:


P.S.: Before doing any management or automation, you need to be the admin of your page and turn on the Messenger, so you can send private messages to your clients and even respond privately to comments on your posts.

1.   Leverage automated response options

Setup automated responses to messages from your Pages followers. For example, you can send them:

  • Greetings: greet people before they even send your page a message. Your greeting appears in the chat window once they access your page.
  • Instant Replies: you can create an automatic first response for new messages. For instance, you can say hello, or give them more information about your Page, etc.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: it saves up so much of your time as you can set up automated responses to up to five questions people normally ask your Page through Messenger.
  • Away Message: you can create away messages for when your office is closed. So, your followers will know that your response may take longer because you are out and not because you don’t care.


2.   Enhance your automated responses

We tend to appreciate more when talking to a person than to a machine, right? To recreate the feeling, you can automatically add a person’s name to your automated messages and even add photos or videos to enhance your automated messages for contact information, location and frequently asked questions.

3.   Organize your Inbox

 When we have our house, our office or even our closet organized, the feeling of being overwhelmed is reduced, you get a better sense of control and spend less time looking for what you need. The same happens with your inbox. Keeping it organized will save you time speed up the process. But how to do that? With saved replies and labels.

  • Saved Replies: you can create reply templates when you respond to your page’s messages that don’t fit into one of the automated messages above. 
  • Labels: you can organize your messages by category, topic or importance. Then, you can easily filter your Page’s Inbox to see all messages with that label. 


If you are looking to take your Page to the next level beyond Messenger’s native tools, consider leveraging Messenger Experiences to build your community.

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