Why You Should Create a Facebook Group for your Business

Did you know that brands have an opportunity to build fan communities on Facebook? 

Facebook recently changed its algorithm; the newsfeed now prioritizes “posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people.” This update also includes posts from Facebook Groups for Business. 

If you’re not using Facebook groups for business, there is no better time than now! 

In this post, we will cover why you should use Facebook groups for business. 

How to use Facebook Groups for Business

With Facebook, you can create your own group, or you can join other groups. 

Let’s start with the basics. 

What are the benefits of Facebook Groups for Business?

By having a group, you are creating a direct line to customers. The people in your group are most likely a fan or loyal customers. This is an excellent opportunity for tapping into some insights from people who know your brand or business. You can see the engagement, watch what your customers say about your brand, and ask for feedback. 

Build long-lasting relationships with customers 

You can invite fans to be part of a community and engage with them about upcoming events or products. 

If you’re trying to build brand loyalty today, an emotional connection is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a need-to-have.

René Vader

Global Sector Leader, Consumer & Retail

KPMG International. 

Inviting fans or customers to your group and engaging with them regularly, shows you care and in a way to build loyalty and trust. 

Increase your Organic Reach

Facebook Algorithm has been updated to prioritize content from Facebook groups with high engagement. The more you and your group are posting and interacting, the further your reach in the newsfeed. 

6 ways you can use your Facebook Group for Business

1. Customer Support

A customer could be looking for support and help on a product. If a person posts a question in your group, you can answer it publicly, and many people would be able to see the answer and notice how fast you respond. Great customer service! Win! Win!

Maybe your customers will jump in to answer as well, helping each other solve problems. 

2. Social Learning and Engagement

A social learning group is like a regular group, but some added blows and whistles. In Social Learning groups, admins can organize posts into guides and change the order they appear. Group members can click “I’ve finished” to let the admin know they’ve interacted with the guide. You can create digital courses for your fans or customers based on your products.

3. Go live with Multiple People

You can go live with Facebook to make special announcements or promote products. You can go live from a desktop or laptop computer that has a built-in or connected camera using Live Producer

4. Feedback Forum for your Business

With Facebook groups, you can use social listening to see what matters most to your audience. It’s like a focus group! If you want to know how your customers feel about a product, just ask! 

You can also use a group to find beta-testers, brand ambassadors, and affiliates. Beta-testers can provide feedback, and you can know that they’re a great representation of your target audience. 

You can also use your group to find brand ambassadors who can help you promote your business.  

5. Fans can connect with each other.

Your customers or fans can bond over their love of a product and gush about it to the rest of the group. This fantastic feeling of human connection can be of great benefit to your brand! 

6. A Good Revenue Stream

A Facebook Group for Business is an opportunity to provide value to your loyal followers and make a little cash. You can offer access to incentives, product exclusives, member-only deals to followers. 

Have a last-minute offer or flash sale? Post it in your Facebook Business Group!

What to consider when creating your Facebook Group to Promote Your Business
What is the purpose of your group?

One of the first things to think about is the purpose of your Facebook Group. Is it to promote your products, a Facebook Page would suffice. 

 Imagine that you are a retailer for outdoor fashion. You can easily make a Facebook page to promote these items. However, what you want to do in this case is attract people that are into the outdoors. In this case, you would be engaging with a community that is into the outdoors.

Use Keywords in Your Facebook Group

Use a purpose-focused keyword in your group’s title. Many people search (think Google) for groups using keywords, so think about the purpose of your group. 

Don’t Just Set It and Forget It.

For your group to thrive, it needs regular attention. Check it frequently to answer questions, add members, delete spam or moderate flagged content. You can assign a colleague to do this or hire a Social Media Manager

Concluding Thoughts on Facebook Groups for Business. 

Facebook groups have always had great potential for businesses. With the new group features, they are even more effective and powerful. 

While you shouldn’t choose between a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group, you should use both to build awareness and a community around your business. 

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