Video is king: Ways to incorporate more video content in your social media strategy

Video is king: Ways to incorporate more video content in your social media strategy

As people, we want to be engaged and entertained. With social media, the content you post works just like a first impression would. If a post doesn’t grab your attention within the first second of seeing it while scrolling through your news feed, the chances of liking the content are slim to none. Even worse, you aren’t more likely to view that company’s profile page – and you probably aren’t going to follow them, either. Social media marketers are noticing a trend that’s not going away – the inevitable rise of video content.

Video content is engaging and captivating. Your company’s message is more likely to be better received by your target market with a video rather than a static photo. Is your brand or company incorporating more video within their social media strategy than ever before? If not, here are a few ways to include more of it into to your overall social media strategy.

Facebook and Instagram Live

With more companies shifting their focus on how they spend their marketing dollars, there are plenty of opportunities to leverage the features that Facebook and Instagram have to offer. One of those opportunities has presented itself through the birth and exponential growth of Facebook and Instagram Live. It’s exactly as it sounds. You can create a live video that showcases an array of different business aspects. More companies are utilizing the on-site sharing feature and they are impressed with the boost of engagement from followers.  The key to going live is to start with a strategy. What do your surroundings look like? Is there adequate lighting? How long will your video be? And is there an objective or call to action you’d like your followers to do as a result? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself before clicking the live button. Implement a strategy and stick to it to ensure the maximum results.

Here’s a pro tip: want more viewers when you go live? Let your followers know! Going to an event? Communicate that you will be live on location on a specific day and a specific time. This will generate interest and the possibility of more viewers is higher. Here’s another tip: interact with your audience. Interaction by answering questions that viewers are submitting will not only humanize your brand, but it will also be received as instant gratification to the viewer as well.

Instagram Stories

Build your story on Instagram by adding video clips of interesting tidbits of information about your brand. Or perhaps progress through a “day in the life of” one of your company’s employees. Humanizing your brand in a professional manner (within your branding guidelines) is something we are seeing more of every day. It allows platforms, such as Instagram, to show off interesting moments within your company that people would not see otherwise.

The great thing about Instagram Stories is that they are easily digestible by your target market. Additionally, stories disappear after 24 hours, so there is no need to worry if you are posting too much. The more you add to your story, the more engaged you seem to your target market.

Find out what works for your audience

What captivates your audience? Are they more intrigued by tips to help them in their everyday life? Then quick and snappy “how-to” videos would make for excellent content.  Does your branding guidelines allow for your company to have a “funny bone?” If so, funny videos that poke fun but also promote your brand and highlight what you do might be another avenue you can take. Understanding what works best for your brand or your audience is the first step to creating visually appealing content that engages with your followers.

Moving Cover Photos

You’re more likely to recognize a brand if you see something that their competitors are not doing on their social media. Did you know that you can now upload a video as your cover photo on Facebook? It’s true! We suggest taking that next step to create a video that explains your business and uploading that as eye candy for your Facebook business page.

More businesses are waking up and smelling the coffee – simply posting photos with witty captions and a few strong hashtags doesn’t cut it anymore. Somehow, they want a slice of the social media pie and they want to utilize these newer features, so they can captivate their target markets in exciting ways. If companies are investing their time and effort to market themselves on social media, video content is essential to captivate their target market.

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