Debunking 3 Social Media Marketing Myths

Debunking 3 Social Media Marketing Myths

While Social Media continues to escalate in popularity, its positive reputation is also accompanied by a few false myths. Let’s debunk a few of these misconceptions together. Here are the top three myths associated with Social Media marketing for businesses.

You MUST be on every platform and post regularly to each one

We know you want to engage with as many audiences as possible across as many platforms as possible. While being on every major platform is not a bad idea, you must first take a step back and examine where most of your target market resides on social media. For example, does your product or service target Millennials? If so, you may want to highly consider marketing your brand on Instagram.

Also, understanding what content works for your audience indicates the type of content you should be publishing and what platform it is most suitable for. At the end of the day, always remember: quality over quantity. Don’t post on every platform just for the sake of posting, as you run the risk of wearing yourself thin across all platforms. Instead, you should always put 100 per cent of your energy on one or two major platforms and put more quality into your posts and campaigns.

Social Media is not a part of the whole marketing picture

On average, a small-to-medium sized business will allocate approximately 10 – 20 per cent of revenue on marketing to stay relevant and continue hitting their respective target market. The numbers don’t lie – it’s also been noted that approximately 81 per cent of small-to-medium sized businesses are already utilizing social media to promote their brand.

With that being said, consider the following: Is your brand aligned with your content? Does the content connect back to your business objectives? Can you stay competitive and create captivating content that will allow you to catch the eyes of new clients or customers? If you’re having trouble, hiring a Social Media agency would be an excellent investment in your marketing dollars.

What about paid ads and boosted posts? With a large amount of people connected by mobile devices and using social media on a personal level, this is a prime opportunity to generate boosted posts and paid ads that will help you generate leads for your company.

In order to be successful on social media, you need a huge following

People like to associate the success of a social media platform to the number of followers they have. While a large following on Social Media helps boost their popularity (and definitely looks great for stats), it’s not the be all to end all. Instead, let’s focus on the amount of engagement a brand has with its target market. We can measure success based on how content is resonating with audiences and how responsive the person behind the platform is to questions, comments and other inquiries.

What can you do to help boost your following on Social Media?  We suggest finding out what content gets your target market most rallied up. What seems to generate the most likes or comments on your page? Creating and sharing captivating and exciting content with useful information will attract more followers and possibly generate more leads. 

Social Media marketing may still be in its infancy, but many platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have gained a reputation that speaks for itself – they are revolutionary tools that help people communicate with each other while also serving as valuable marketing resources.

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