Twitter Conversational Ads Can Boost Social Strategy

Twitter has grown to be a trusted source for compelling content for many of its users. It’s been noted in many circles that nearly 500,000,000 tweets are posted daily.  This flood of content is in direct response to the public’s insatiable need for content that’s informative, entertaining – or in a perfect world for your brand, content is both informative AND entertaining.

Unlike other platforms, the lifespan of those interactions is extremely brief.  Most social media managers worth their weight in fees or salary will utilize methods like repeating and retweeting to keep the content alive in the public realm, but the fact of the matter is that Twitter strategy has involved building a solid following and providing timely content that can be shared.

Now, Twitter is introducing conversational ads. If utilized correctly, this will be revolutionary for the platform in its ability to extend video content beyond a business’ established community and onto the devices of users within a targeted demographic. This form of advertising on Twitter is similar to the Promoted Tweet in that reach can be determined based on a target demographic. Now, with conversational ads, your brand can begin an interaction with those users you’re targeting. This is the type of breakthrough marketers have been yearning for on Twitter.

The Promoted Tweet of old, while effective in sharing a variety of content, was a one-stop tool which depended on the intended user to determine how to share.  Conversational ads will allow brand to include call-to-action buttons that will enable them to determine how the conversation will continue.  Adding certain hashtag or voting buttons will incorporate a new form of advertising that can help increase brand awareness and gain information on how effective your marketing campaign is with Twitter users like never before.

The beauty of social media is the ability for brands to establish a two-way conversation with customers and potential customers. While Facebook has been a more integral part of the social media strategy to do so, Twitter’s introduction of the conversational ads can help them become a stronger partner for brands worldwide. More importantly, with the right strategy in place, your company will be able to establish a format that keeps everyone, from your staff to your customers, on brand with consistent messaging.  

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