The Importance of Quality Over Quantity When Using Social Media

Businesses and organizations use social media to get their brand in front of as many people as possible. But to do this, you need followers and subscribers. The mistake many businesses make with their social media marketing strategies is often over-delivering on posts and putting out content that is less than authentic to their brand. Sure, this may get you more followers and likes faster, but what are the chances that you keep that number of people invested in the long run? Quality, not quantity, is vital when using social media. Let’s take a look at how you can emphasize quality social media strategies for your business.

Begin With a Plan

It happens to many businesses, the dreaded flurry of overwhelming posts on social media in the hopes of catching enough likes, follows, and more. Then, when the numbers aren’t showing the results you want, you start to post more and more, holding out hope. Instead of the rapid and panic-filled postings, start with a plan first. Determine the people you want to reach. What do they like? What stage of life are they in now? Define your brand and build a content calendar around these findings to keep your posts organized and steady.

Create Conversation

Overposting often leads to your brand voice speaking at or down to your audience. Keep your posts from constantly shoving a call to action down your audience’s throats. Not every post needs to be about a subscription, sign-up, or application. Engage your audience with thought-provoking content every so often and see what conversations you can drum up on your social media pages. Create a laugh, propose a question, and subtly engage, rather than constantly thinking about your endgame.

Shareable Content

Speaking of creating conversations, they begin with sharable content. Create videos about your brand and the people behind it, design a helpful infographic about what your product or service offers, or send out a client poll. Content that is interactive, informative and centred around your brand and its clients will help raise your social media engagement much more than a posting overload of bland out-of-touch content.

Focus Your Efforts

There are many social media platforms, and more seem to appear each day. It is staggering just how many ways your brand can reach people. But there is a pitfall here, spreading yourself too thin. Your brand doesn’t have to be on every platform. Look into where your audience is on and tailor your content to that platform. 

Don’t Sleep on UI

User experience (UI) is the layout and design of your content to appeal to users. Having a great user experience on your platform and site goes a long way to boosting overall client satisfaction and likeliness to engage with your brand. Test your site and see where people are jumping off, make tweaks to the content and how it is displayed and test again.

Social Know How

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