Pay to Play is Really the Only Way

You know the old saying, “you get what you pay for”?  That philosophy holds true in several areas including your social media marketing. While it seems like an easy task to manage, the reality is quite the opposite.

Social media management can take on a full-time role and as a business owner you likely have other more critical roles to play within your organization.  To stay on top of the social media game and really have your company or brand be a player your best bet is to invest in a social media marketing agency.

Here are the top reasons why you should pay for social media management

1.  Marketing your Business

You have spent time, effort and money on developing your company brand which is why you should also make an investment in marketing that brand.  A social media marketing agency will devise effective strategies to promote your product or service.  An agency will have the knowledge and expertise to manage your brand’s presence on all social media platforms while also working to maximize your online reach.

2. Brand Recognition and Brand Values

Social media agencies are aware of the trends and techniques that it takes to get your brand recognized across social media networks.  As experts in this area they also stay on top of the trends to ensure that the latest strategies are being implemented on your behalf.  Social media managers know which platforms will work best for your company or brand and what content is best for each to get your product or service in front of your target audience.

They also have the expertise to maintain the value of your brand which can include things like promoting the emotional or practical benefits of your product or service.   Their training allows them to be able to convey your company in the best possible light without compromise to your existing values.

3. Attracting Customers

No matter the size of your business an agency will work on making your brand accessible and trying to capture the attention of potential customers.  Social media managers will carry out all the right activities to attract an audience (creating posts and tweets, sharing content etc.) and drive traffic to your website.  Increased traffic will lead to greater brand recognition and ultimately more customers or clients.

4. Promotion

The top priority for a social media manager is brand promotion and doing that in the most effective way possible across all social media channels.  While the average person might be familiar with the most popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, experts in this field are aware of and have access to many others.  This increased knowledge and reach will further your company’s social media presence.

5. Managing Competition

Having a social media agency can set your company ahead of the competition.  Agencies have expertise in dealing with competitive markets and how to handle your business promotion in those environments, helping your business stay ahead of the curve.

6. Time Management

A social media agency can help manage your time more effectively, by removing time consuming tasks and allowing you to continue focus where it is needed. Outsourcing social media management to an agency allows for businesses to focus on what is most important. Customer service and sales!

Having a social media presence is extremely important in business and to strengthen that presence it is ideal to invest in an agency to manage it.   Contact us at Social Know How to learn how we can help you stay ahead of the game with our social media marketing services.

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