Online Video: Live & Get Live

Your brand can tell compelling stories using live video. Whether sticking to your organization’s already burgeoning Facebook Page or delving deeper into the world of social media and utilizing Snapchat as part of your evolving social media marketing plan, making a huge splash is as easy as setting your mobile device to video, hitting record, and letting the world know the who/what/where/when/why of your business.

Your audience is literally clamouring for video online.  According to many experts, roughly half of mobile traffic today is made up of video consuming by users. Think about that for a second. Think of all of the people you know with smartphones.  Include the people you see walking the streets, on the train, and even in their cars who are actively using their devices right now.  That’s a lot of people right? Well half of those people are watching video in some way, shape, or form. Isn’t that mind-blowing?

So now, you’re probably thinking of what you can do to exploit this need for video content. And, if you are, chances are you’ll still be thinking the same thing in 45 minutes. You’re not a producer or director, you’ll tell yourself.  Just what do I know about making a video that people will like? These thoughts are natural and, let’s face it, extremely non-productive.

In today’s digital marketing landscape, it’s not necessarily just videos that have phenomenal production value that are home runs with content consumers. Check out this one from Old Milwaukee or this gem from the early days of viral video. In each case you’ll notice a highly watchable film without the standard production value you’d expect from something so wildly popular or funny. Now, please, do not confuse this type of social media marketing with a marketing video you’d distribute online. A video involving a tour of your facility or another formal aspect of your brand should be done with production in mind.  After all, quality sells.

What these type of low budget, quick hit videos can accomplish is keeping your brand top of mind on popular social platforms. Entertainment doesn’t always need the touch of a Scorsese or Spielberg.  For example, Snapchat is the most used social platform in the teen-young adult demographic. If your brand isn’t showcasing its product to this market as it should, you’re missing an opportunity to connect directly with your target demographic where they’re already spending the most time.  Much of the content here is straight to delivery videos taken from iPhone and Android devices.

Showcase a little “How-To” or even a “Look at this Now” after assembly of product or your service is used by a happy customer and watch as people find new ways to connect with your brand and crave what you have to offer. Or, should you be more inclined to use Snapchat and Facebook Live to offer an entertaining side to your brand, keep the videos on message and offer a view into the soul of your organization. One more key point about Facebook Live is that organic reach grows as you or someone within your organization is broadcasting live.  Food for thought for when you’re ready to go live!

By 2019, almost 80% of all internet traffic is expected to consist of video content.  As people stray slightly from reading, it’s something to consider as you and your brand forge ahead in this changing world of marketing and social media marketing. With raw, unedited live video, you can give viewers a glimpse into the soul of you and your company while also showcasing the brand’s biggest advocates – you and your staff.  Move slowly away from just snapping photos and selfies with your smartphone. Start snapping videos and watch as your reach grows with each post.  

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