Late to the Social Media Party

We’ve moved far beyond the point of social media being just the latest trend. It’s a way of life for so many people and, if you’re not already utilizing a dedicated staff member or an outsourced social media marketing consultant, you need to be or you’re running the serious risk of losing ground on your competition. Many of your competitors are already doing it. And if they’re not, you have the opportunity to get the party started yourself.

I get it, you’ve spent years running a successful business. Your previous marketing plans have worked and you have a dedicated staff that was successful playing the traditional marketing game. Traditional Media is being replaced. Soon enough, social media will be the tradition. Social media is like a secret party in the heart of a downtown metropolis that everyone has the details for now.

It’s ok to be late to a party. Sometimes you can make a huge impact by being fashionably late. The important thing is showing up and doing so in style! If you are behind or have little presence outside of Facebook and Twitter Pages that have been created for the sake of having them, you now have the opportunity to see what has worked for others and get a running start. Here’s some advice if you’re looking to kick-start your social media marketing plan.

If you think you can solve your problems by hiring your teenager or one of her friends, you’re wrong. Just because your teenager has 500+ friends on Facebook, it doesn’t make her an expert. Yes, your young socialite may have the knowledge of how to find the next party or join in on a study discussion, but that knowledge base begins and ends there. For many young people, their foray into social media is strictly for communication. Should they be your target audience, this is valuable as you can enter the conversation with them. Utilizing the tools to market yourself in this space takes the skills and training of a dedicated, knowledgeable social media manager.

Just having a nice looking webpage or social media site doesn’t cut it. There’s interaction that needs to occur between you and your community. You have a landing page for your basic info, now tell people what you’re about. Become a knowledge expert. Showcase you’r brand and how you serve customers. With people spending an increasing amount of time online and utilizing their mobile devices, your chance to have a one-on-one conversation increases with a solid social media plan and execution.

Finding the right manager can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for. You’ll need to do some studying to probe any consultant or in-house staff member you bring in. The key is to have a dedicated social media manager, whether outsourced or in-house. Social Media is a 24-hour party that doesn’t have a closing time for the foreseeable future. If you’ve yet to join the party, we here at Social Know How have the knowledge and expertise to give you directions to the biggest party in the world. We even have the tools to make you the life of the party as well. Feel free to give us a call at 1.844.SMEDIA1 or leave a comment below and we’ll start your process of a free social media consultation.

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