5 Key Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Manager

Research and statistics continue to demonstrate that social media is not just a trend but rather an important business tool. The world of social media continues to grow and evolve and the best way for businesses to stay on top of this growth is through the assistance of a social media manager.

Social media managers are equipped with sales know-how, knowledge of marketing development and strategy, and an understanding of the mindset of today’s hyper-connected, social media savvy consumers. They are experts in social media and as such are able to: manage a publishing calendar; schedule posts, curate content; engage with customers; monitor networks for brand mentions and keywords; review analytics and optimize social media posts.

By working with a social media manager you are working with someone whose responsibility it is to take on the time-consuming tasks of social media so that you as a business owner can focus on your day-to-day operations. The following are 5 key Benefits of working with a Social Media Manager:

1. Having someone who is in the business of content work for your business

Great social media managers are able to curate great content, knowing exactly where to find it and how to use to engage your audience. Content research can be an incredibly time-consuming task, one that most business owners cannot take on without sacrificing another area of business.


2. Having someone on your team who has a familiarity with metrics and tracking ROI of social media marketing campaigns

Whether it’s Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights or LinkedIn Company Page Analytics, a social media manager knows exactly how to track your performance within each social network and how to capitalize on using that data for the success of your social media campaign.


3. Building Brand Recognition

A social media manager (and their team) will have experience and resources to not only develop your online brand but maintain it as well. They have the skills necessary to target and engage audiences who are most interested in your product or service. This know-how allows them to create a positive and active community for your brand. This in turn also leads to increased traffic. Building a following on social media increases your audience and exposes them to content which gives them a reason to click through to your website. A good social media manager will also know how to keep them coming back to the site through various online strategies.


4. Cost Savings

Hiring and working with a social media manager provides you with access to an entire team of professionals with varying expertise which means you are essentially getting many for the cost of one.  There is also a cost savings when it comes to training or professional development since social media managers (and agencies) are able to stay on top of the constantly changing trends.


5. Competitive Advantage

While social media as a marketing tool is growing there are still businesses who have not implemented a social media marketing strategy. By working with a social media manager and building your online presence you gain a competitive advantage and are able to establish your company or brand as a leader in your field.

 Social media marketing in this day and age is a business requirement rather than a trend and the best way to maximize on the use of social media is by working with a Social Media Manager. 

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