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 Is a leading social media marketing agency specialized in reaching voters for Conservatives using Local targeted Facebook & Instagram advertising, content creation & video production for social media outreach.

1. Website - Built & Optimized For Politicians

Main page & individual pages.

  1. About you

  2. Gallery

  3. Resources

  4. Contact Us

Integrated webForms for ease of access & automatic updates:

  1. Forms connected to Google drive and go into Google Sheets & your email.

  2. Instagram images auto-populate on website

  3. Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics installed

Website Examples

Rhonda Mulcahy

Maleeha Shahid

2. Social Media Management

Our tailored Social Media Management services for elected politicians are designed to sustain and elevate the digital dialogue between you and your constituency post-election.

  1. Engaging Content Creation: Tailored narratives and visuals portraying your ongoing initiatives and accomplishments.
    Adaptable content for use across social media, ads, and official websites.

  2. Impactful Video Production: Compelling video narratives showcasing your work and engagements.
    Professional production for use in digital campaigns and official platforms.

  3. Comprehensive Social Media Strategy: Maximizing your reach and engagement on various social platforms.
    Real-time monitoring to gauge public sentiment and campaign effectiveness.

  4. Promotional Campaigns: Strategic campaigns promoting your initiatives and garnering support.
    Efficient ad management for maximizing reach and engagement.

  5. Reputation Management: Proactive management to address concerns and promote positive engagements.

Social Media Examples

3. Video Production

Impactful Video Production:

  1. Storytelling: Evocative storytelling to convey your message and values effectively.

  2. High-Quality Production: Professional production techniques ensuring a visually captivating output.

  3. Versatile Usage: Videos crafted for diverse digital platforms including your website and advertising campaigns.

  4. Audience Connection: Fostering a deeper connection with your audience through compelling video narratives.


Above videos will be 15-60 Seconds each and usage is explained: (Approx 14 Videos)

  • 15 Sec video for each – Video used for Facebook/Instagram Advertising to generate awareness, interest & directing people to the website to watch the full 1 Minute video.

  • 1 minute video for each – Used on Website, Social Networks, YouTube, Posting on Social Media, Sharing by Text, etc. (7 Videos)

Video Examples

4. Business Manager Setup and Optimization

Facebook Business Manager is Facebook’s backend software/tool required to manage all of your Facebook & Instagram Advertising under one roof. Politics falls under a special category and requires special attention in order to avoid being rejected.

  1. Special Ads Category Authorization to avoid rejected ads online

    • Facebook Business Manager Setup & Optimization

    • FB ad accounts, Facebook business page, Instagram account(, combined FB/Insta messaging, domain and FB page integration, reporting, analytics and granting specific access.

  2. Strategy & Planning Session and Educate Volunteers

    • What to post, how & what to take when out with candidate for day to day


Advertisers must be authorized to run ads about social issues, elections, or politics.

5. Facebook/Instagram Advertising

Political leaders can leverage Facebook and Instagram advertising for their vast, diverse audiences and cost-effective targeted messaging. These platforms allow candidates to precisely reach potential voters based on demographics and interests, fostering engagement and support.

Additionally, social media’s interactive nature helps leaders build rapport with voters and receive valuable feedback.

Search all the ads currently running across Meta technologies about elections or politics that have run in the past seven years:

Directly target and connect with your IDEAL VOTERS for maximum impact using optimized microtargetting techniques.

Facebook/Instagram Advertising Ad Examples

6. Email Newsletters

Strategic Email Newsletters:

  • Targeted Messaging: Crafted email content that aligns with your ongoing political initiatives and communicates effectively with your constituency.

  • Periodic Updates: Regular newsletter dispatches to keep your electorate informed and engaged with your work and achievements.

  • Custom Design: Aesthetically appealing and professional designs that encapsulate your political brand, ensuring a memorable reader experience.

  • Compliance Adherence: Ensuring strict adherence to email marketing laws and best practices, maintaining a respectful and lawful communication channel.

  • Subscriber Management: Efficient management of subscriber lists ensuring a clean, organized, and effective email outreach.


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