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Hello, I’m Elio Gatto, your trusted partner specializing in digital political campaign marketing. With a track record of 50+ successful campaigns since 2014, including renowned figures like Rob Ford and Doug Ford, we’re the driving force behind your campaign’s triumph. As a top-tier social media marketing agency, we excel in targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, landing pages, content creation, and video production, crafting compelling narratives that resonate with voters. Proudly recognized as an Ontario PC Party Approved Vendor, we meticulously handle your website, social media branding & advertising, graphic design, and video needs. At Social Know How, strategic planning is at our core, ensuring seamless collaboration for swift and triumphant campaign management. Let’s leave a lasting impact together on the political landscape.


Explore the Scope of Our Expertise in Political Marketing Across All Levels of Government: Here are just a sample of the political campaigns we have worked on:
Provincial (MPP):
  • Doug Ford – Mayor, Leadership & Campaign
  • Michael Tibollo – Vaughan Woodbridge, MPP
  • Kinga Surma – Etobicoke Centre, MPP
  • Christine Hogarth – Etobicoke Lakeshore, MPP
  • Daisy Wai – Richmond Hill, MPP
  • Vincent Crisanti – City Councillor, Etobicoke North
  • Rhonda Mulcahy – Regional Councillor, Whitby
  • Maleeha Shahid – Regional Councillor, Whitby
Federal (MP):
  • John Brassard – Barrie-Innisfil, MP
  • Dean Allison – Niagara West, MP
Conservative EDA / Riding Association:
  • Vaughan-Woodbridge
  • Vaughan-Thornhill

Awards & Accreditation

1. Politicians Website - Built & Optimized For Campaigns

Optimize your campaign with our complete Website Package: Designed specifically for political campaigns, our package includes custom website design, CRM tools, and key integrations like online donations and voter analytics to ensure your campaign runs smoothly and effectively.
Website package
Design of website, Installation of CRM and Templates and plugins so we can create a Section below based on your political campaign needs.
Tech - Installation
Easy to access & automatic updates:
  • About
  • Support
  • Donate
  • Platform
  • Lawn Sign
  • Volunteer
  • Advanced Polls – link to location
  • GOTV
  • Contact Us
  • Website Hosting Set up
  • Custom Email Address for Campaign
  • Online Donation Setup & Integration for Donations.
  • Email Marketing Software Creation (MailChimp/Constant Contact)
  • Voter ID Software Integration
  • Forms connected to Google drive
  • Google Sheets & your email.
  • Instagram images auto-populate on website
  • Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics installed

Website Examples

Michael Tibollo
Maleeha Shahid
Rhonda Mulcahy

2. Social Media

Our specialized Social Media Management services for EDAs and political campaigns are designed to build and strengthen your digital engagement with constituents leading up to the election. This strategy ensures you have a robust and ongoing conversation with your community, keeping your campaign message resonant and connected with voters.
Social Media Management
Involves analyzing audiences, creating and posting content across social networks, monitoring conversations, engaging online, and providing community service to measure results effectively.

  • Content Creation: Craft tailored stories and visuals for use across your social media, websites, and ads.
  • Video Production: Produce compelling videos to showcase your activities, ideal for digital campaigns and online platforms.
  • Social Media Strategy: Boost your online engagement with a robust strategy that tracks public response and maximizes reach.
  • Reputation Management: Actively enhance your public image with strategic promotions and responsive community interaction.
Social Media Network Setup & Optimization

It is important to establish brand presence across platforms for maximum impact. Includes platform selection, profile consistency, tailored content strategies, engagement, paid ads, performance tracking, and trend awareness. By optimizing efforts, brands leverage social media effectively for growth.

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin (Personal & Professional), YouTube Channel (Professional Accounts)

  • Design a background Image that is sized correctly for Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Linkedin & YouTube.

Social Media Examples

3 Video Production

Audience Connection: 

Fostering a deeper connection with your audience through compelling video narratives..

Evocative storytelling to convey your message and values effectively.

High-Quality Production:
Professional production techniques ensuring a visually captivating output.

Versatile Usage: 
Videos crafted for diverse digital platforms including your website and advertising campaigns.

Professional Optimized Social Media Videos & for Website.

  • About the Candidate video that tells your story
  • Community Platform Videos, Community 
    Platform-Summary Video, ie. Reducing Traffic Gridlock, Reducing Taxes, Community Safety, Supporting Local Business, etc.

  • Early Voting 
  • GOTV Video 
  • Office/Event video

Video Production Examples

1. Explainer Videos - About the Candidate
2. Policy/Platform Summary Videos
3. Policy/Platform Videos
4. Get Out To Vote (GOTV)
5. Advance Polls

Above videos will be 15 – 60 seconds each and usage is explained: (Approx 14 Videos)

  • 15 sec video for each – Video used for Facebook/Instagram Advertising to generate awareness, interest & directing people to the website to watch the full 1 Minute video.
  • 1 minute video for each– Used on Website, SocialNetworks, YouTube, Posting on Social Media, Sharing byText, etc. (7 Videos)

4. Business Manager Setup and Optimization

Facebook Business Manager is Facebook’s backend software/tool required to manage all of your Facebook & Instagram Advertising under one roof. Politics falls under a special category and requires special attention in order to avoid being rejected.

  1. Special Ads Category Authorization to avoid rejected ads online
    • Facebook Business Manager Setup & Optimization
    • FB Ad Accounts, Facebook Business page, Instagram account, combine FB/Insta messaging, domain and FB page integration, reporting, analytics and granting specific access.
  2. Strategy & Planning Session and Educate Volunteers
    • What content to share, how to frame it, and what essentials to bring along when accompanying any candidate canvassing

Advertisers must be authorized to run ads about social issues, elections, or politics.

Disclaimers: Advertisers must include a verified “Paid for by” disclaimer on these ads to show the entity or person responsible for running the ad across Meta technologies.

5. Facebook/Instagram Advertising Ad Examples

Political candidates can leverage Facebook and Instagram advertising for their vast, diverse audiences and cost-effective targeted messaging. These platforms allow candidates to precisely reach potential voters based on demographics and interests, fostering engagement and support.

Additionally, social media’s interactive nature helps candidates build rapport with voters and receive valuable feedback.

Search all the ads currently running across Meta technologies about elections or politics that have run in the past seven years:

Facebook/Instagram Advertising Ad Examples

6. Google Ads

7. Graphic Design & Literature

Literature Designed and shared that is ready for you:

  1. To print
  2. For Social Media Posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  3. For Social Media Ads
  4. For Website

Literature Examples (Brand Consistency)

8. Email Campaign

Strategic Email Newsletters:

  • Targeted Messaging: Crafted email content that aligns with your ongoing political initiatives and communicates effectively with your constituency.

  • Periodic Updates: Regular newsletter dispatches to keep your electorate informed and engaged with your work and achievements.

  • Custom Design: Aesthetically appealing and professional designs that encapsulate your political brand, ensuring a memorable reader experience.

  • Compliance Adherence: Ensuring strict adherence to email marketing laws and best practices, maintaining a respectful and lawful communication channel.

  • Subscriber Management: Efficient management of subscriber lists ensuring a clean, organized, and effective email outreach.


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