What Social Media Platforms Can Do For You?

One of the biggest pain points for business owners is the amount of platforms available for social media users and how to choose which one is best suited to connect with their audience.  Essentially it boils down to, ‘with so many to choose from, why should I even bother in case I choose the wrong one?’

The short answer to this is that, really, all of them can be beneficial to you in some way.  Your customers are looking to social media as their gateway to consuming in many cases and they can be found across all of the major platforms. Here’s a quick synopsis of each and how your business can benefit from a presence across the board.

Twitter: Twitter has become a go-to source for up-to-the-minute news and information. Whether it’s the latest article from a national news writer or an announcement from a recording artist regarding an upcoming tour, Twitter is the space in which audiences turn to when they’re craving what’s new in the world around them. Also, where they go when they look for direct access to their favourite people and brands.  Your business can leverage this appetite by utilizing the platform for your company’s latest news, promotions and updates. Build your following by sharing industry related content, follow industry influencers and ReTweet positive comments directed at your company from your own Twitter followers.

Facebook: The most ubiquitous of the social media platforms, Facebook has the most users worldwide. Your brand will not get lost in the shuffle if you follow the tone generally displayed by its users.  Keep things casual and, most importantly, extremely visual.  Facebook can be used to really brand your company’s logo, products and how people can benefit from what you have to offer. Images and videos are a must and make sure that content is compelling. The “Likes,” “Shares,” and “Comments” left on your dedicated company Facebook Page should be highlighted, responded to and acknowledged for the conversation opportunities they are.

LinkedIn: The social media platform of choice for professionals and professional activity, LinkedIn provides an avenue for users to really promote career highlights and industry related news.  LinkedIn’s mainly professional tone can really help you establish your company as a thought leader and industry influencer with content geared towards professionals from all industries. This is a great place to network so be sure to acknowledge achievements of the people in your network. Just as you would take the time to congratulate your friend on a promotion, be sure to do so with your Connections to establish a healthy professional reputation that can lead to opportunities for referrals and direct buys.

YouTube: “YouTube isn’t a social media platform,” is something I’ve heard numerous times in my daily travels. What I try to impart on these people is the importance of video to their brand and that, despite it’s users’ mainly using the site for staying connected with the best in sports, pop culture and music, your brand can use this medium to capture those users with content that illustrates why you’re in business.  How-To videos, testimonials and advertisements are just a few ways you can utilize the time spent by people on YouTube as the platform increases it’s grasp on video related content among worldwide users.

Instagram: First and foremost, this is a platform not just for pictures of vacations and dinners! The image is a powerful form of media across all platforms and no where does that ring more true than on Instagram. It’s long been said that a picture says a thousand words, and along with an attention grabbing caption, your company’s main products and services can be highlighted for their why, as well as their what. Show happy people using what you have to offer in all the ways in which they can use it, and you’ll be happy to share success with the brands that have made sure that Instagram is a mainstay in their effective social media strategy.

So there you have it. I could go on and on about others like Google + (helps with your company’s Google ranking and SEO) & SnapChat (Quick video and image communications that attract the youngest consumers of social media) but the point remains that there is no ONE platform for your business.  Each of them has their own place in the social media world and your company should be taking advantage of as many of these spaces as possible. The fact of the matter is that either through brand awareness or direct interaction with your target buyers, your business can only grow in stature with a sound social media marketing plan.


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