Social Media Marketing is Essential for B2B Success

The grand misconception about social media is that it leaves little space to stand out for businesses who target other businesses. The B2B companies that have shown phenomenal success through social media are shining examples of how forward-thinking entrepreneurs and organizations are riding the social media wave all the way to the bank.

Your B2B business can utilize Social media to help distribute relevant content and start conversations with your target audience.  Engaging people after they’ve consumed relevant, informative content is becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to establish themselves as industry leaders. Whether through a YouTube channel that hosts “How-To” and “About the Product” style clips or linking infographics published on your website to your LinkedIn profile, the distribution of on-message content will do wonders for your brand’s reputation.

This reputation caters itself to the word-of-mouth buzz that many businesses depend on for brand awareness.  Only in 2016, that has extended itself far beyond the realm of creating foot traffic through referrals at networking functions. Now, your word-of-mouth consumer base can grow at a more rapid pace with a solid social media strategy. Taking advantage of social advocates will enable you to have brand ambassadors working on your behalf through positive interactions (eg. leaving reviews on your Page or interacting with your social media manager) and leaving an even greater impression on potential clients looking for exactly what you provide.

As a distribution channel, taking advantage of the reach of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can actually help you incentivize clients as well. Giving spiffs to your sales staff is a great way to promote competition within your office and boost sales – why not incorporate that mentality to engaging with the public in social media? Referral programs leading to greater exposure and/or conversions will serve you and your business in the long run.

These strategies have been adopted by B2B marketers worldwide as they continue to not only disprove the theory that B2B companies get lost on social media – they’ve become trailblazers in the online community, serving to build their brand’s reputation and bottom-line with every successful implementation of a rock solid social media marketing campaign.

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