Social Media: Beyond Boom to Everyday Life

If social media was a living, breathing human, it would be entering the 5th Grade this year.  Sure in its infancy in the late 90’s there was some form of social media available, what we recognize today didn’t begin making its way into pop culture until roughly 7 years later.  

Social Media’s initial introduction was in 1999

While the first recognizable social media site was seen by people around 1999, the boom truly began in 2006 with the first public appearance of Facebook & Twitter.  Sites like MySpace were also popular then as people began to use the platforms to stay connected with loved ones and enjoy a space on the internet that they could truly make their own.  The last 10 years has seen quite an evolution for the medium, seeing as social media has become intertwined with the daily lives of people and businesses alike.   

65% of adults use social media daily

While roughly 75% of adults use the internet on a regular basis, the number of users who are active on at least one social networking site only drops by 10$.  Yes, 65% of adults make their way at least once a day to one of the various social media platforms with Facebook dominating the medium in terms of regular users.  This has had a profound impact on the state of communications between users of all kinds.   

What This Has Meant for Businesses

You are still regularly able to see what your friends are eating or the first public photos of your friend’s newborns, among other posts, but the way in which business has used the data collected from users to target their audiences has helped immense growth for brands who have utilized the tools successfully.  Humanized posts, targeted advertisements and consistent engagement are just a few ways in which businesses have leveraged the public’s appetite for social networking to their financial advantage.  Now, just as people control just what they share with their network, businesses can control their message to ensure that nothing is lost in translation between them and their audience. 

Not going away anytime soon

While social media was seen as just a phase, the introduction of platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are indicators that social media just may be an evolving part of our daily lives.  As long as people have the ability to post, and maintain their appetite for staying engaged with their networks, staying ahead of the curve with a strong social media presence is essential for any business. Staying engaged and connected with people and how they communicate with one another has always been the key to successful marketing. Recognizing that this “phenomenon” is just a way of life will help your business stay social for the next 10 years and beyond.

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