Here’s a question we often receive about gauging success with social media: How do you measure return on investment (R.O.I.) with social media marketing?

In this blog, we are going to walk through how you can accurately measure that success and reach out to find the resources possible to reap the rewards.

Let’s take a moment to paint a picture of your current digital marketing situation: You realize that you need to market your business on social media, so you set up your accounts and start pumping out content – but is it successful? Are you reaching your appropriate target market? Are you actually aiming to sell your product or does your networks tell a story of some kind? The most successful brands on social media will show people what their brand is about through captivating content. Ultimately, it should sell itself.

Surprisingly, countless marketing professionals have difficulty grappling how to present worthwhile proof that social media marketing brings in new opportunities.

But, first… what does R.O.I. for social media look like?

R.O.I. stands for return on investment, and in the social media world, this could mean investing in resources in the form of time, creativity, ad dollars and much more. What you are getting out of the investment of time and money can only be justified if you are seeing the results you are looking for.

For example, what are your primary and secondary business objectives? If you wanted to create more brand awareness for your company, you should be focusing your efforts on creating content that speaks to an audience that would be genuinely interested in your product or service.

Are you running ads? If so, you should be targeting people in your desired area, as well as your main demographic (age, sex, occupation, etc.). Additionally, you should be putting an allocated budget aside to cover the campaign costs. Remember, in order to see a wide reach on your ad campaign, you need to be prepared to spend a little bit of money to ensure your ad is seen.

When it comes to content, do you have the time to commit to creating a solid strategy? If not, it is wise to outsource this task to a team of dedicated social media marketers. We strongly advise against hiring in-house marketing individuals because one person may not have the experience or vast skillset of a team with unique focuses. When together, the brainpower behind social selling will have you seeing the proper results you are seeking. Social Know How is built out of a team of social media marketers, from ad managers, content creators, copywriters and creative directors. We collectively work on each client to bring a powerhouse of strategy and creative edge to your digital marketing initiatives.

Every month, a detailed report will show you where your strongest content lies and what may need to be improved. Not getting a report from your in-house marketer or don’t have the time to decipher or make sense of the collected data? Social Know How provides comprehensive reports to clients to ensure they are always on top of its game and ahead with next steps in the overall social media marketing strategy.

Want to get started and see R.O.I. with your social media marketing? Call Social Know How today at 416.930.6581 or visit our website at

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