7 Benefits of an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy and Plan

As with traditional media and forms of advertising it is important to have a plan, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to also implement a social media strategy and plan in place.  Social media is rapidly turning into a vital part of the modern marketing mix making a company’s presence online incredibly significant.The idea of implementing a social media strategy might seem overwhelming but there are benefits to rolling out a plan.  Working with a full-service Social Media Marketing Agency like ours can assist in harnessing the power of social media to connect companies directly to their target demographics.Here are the 7 benefits of Having an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy and Plan:

  1. Showcase Your Brand and build your company’s reputation. Providing your prospects with regular updates helps to solidify your company as an authority. Your social media strategy should align itself with your business objective (i.e. brand awareness, relationship building) and position your business in that manner on social media networks.
  2. Social media offers limitless relationship-building opportunity which in turn develops loyalty to a company or brand. A marketing plan assists in identifying the best opportunities for brands to create a massive community of loyal and active customers by strengthening their online presence.
  3. Increased digital exposure is another benefit of implementing a social media strategy. Statistics have shown that interaction on social media 2-3 times per week can significantly increase the online presence of a company or brand. This type of interaction can easily be facilitated with the assistance of social media marketing agency.
  4. Closely communicating with your clients on social media helps to enhance company trustworthiness. Becoming a trusted source of information to your customers is key for retention and loyalty.
  5. Social media helps to expand sales. It assists with identifying customers’ preferences and provides and avenue for prompt response to feedback which can lead to increased sales.
  6. A social media plan will also help boost traffic and search engine ranking. Each platform offers the opportunity to link back to a company website which can generate a high volume of traffic to your webpage. In turn businesses also have the option to connect their sites to social media making updates possible with just one click. The more channels a business is connected with the more traffic can be reached. This combined with SEO efforts helps to maximize marketing efforts.
  7. Social media marketing actually cuts marketing costs being one of the most affordable ways to brand a business. With a strong social media strategy and the right people in place to assist, your advertising opportunities grow exponentially, while energizing your PR efforts without a huge money and time commitment.

Every day, brands are leveraging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn to share their brand message and cement themselves as knowledge experts in their industries. We have the “Social Know How” to make sure your company’s brand is consistent and present – we get you noticed!

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